Transition & Induction Phase (Year 7 & 8)

Program of study

Students receive 2 lessons of Physical Education per week. When students arrive in Year 7 they participate in a ‘Transition Unit’ which enables us to accurately assess them before October half term and place them in appropriate groups for the rest of the year. They then follow a bespoke curriculum model with some groups following a team sport pathway whilst other groups will having a greater focus of physical literacy and individual sports.

Assessment & Homework

Students will be assessed through appropriate formative and summative assessments throughout each activity/half term cycle. Pupils will be awarded a LEGO grade for each unit of work and at each Review point in the academic year.

A variety of homework tasks may be set and published on ‘show my homework’ when and if appropriate. Typically a homework should take around 30 minutes. Examples of Homework include; research tasks, preparation of a warm up/cool down task, preparation of teaching/coaching cards for use with group.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequencing