Central to our philosophy of developing outstanding young people is providing them with the opportunities to develop their leadership potential.  You will be given the choice of a number of activities through which you can do this in order to maximise your potential.  This leadership program enhances your chances of success in university and employer applications by enabling you to demonstrate successful behaviours. Below is a list of just some of the opportunities you could find yourself involved in:


Add additional support to staff at break times.

Help out on open days and other events.

Become ambassadors for the school.

Learning Mentor

Acts as a role model to lower school students.

Assists the lower school students in their learning.

Student Curriculum Leader

Assists Curriculum Leaders.

Acts as a representative for the students.

Senior House Captain / House Ambassador

Sports Captain

The sports captains take a leadership role over their House.

They will be given a different coloured tie to show their role.

The House captains attend all house events if they are competing or supporting.











Lower school Functional Skills Tutor

Tutor’s lower school in skills such as Maths and English

Lower school Sports Mentor / Coach

Assists PE staff in coaching the lower school.

Club/society leader

Helps take charge of the certain clubs we have around the school.

Student Ambassador

Represents students in certain meetings with staff as an ambassador.


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