This page will be updated regularly with details of formal exams and assessments:

Skeleton Timetable – Summer 2020: A level.  TBA

Skeleton Timetable – Summer 2020: GCSE. TBA

Exam Period for Summer 2020

Start 11th May 2020 to end 23th June 2020.

24th June is a contingency day if needed for exams.

A detailed timetable which outlines when an individual student will have their last exam will not be available until March/April 2020.

Exam Results Days 2020

13th August 2020 – A Level Results Day

20th August 2020 – GCSE Results Day

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Syllabus numbers can be found on the individual timetables OR in the document attached below.

Important Information About Examination Certificates

  • Where possible exam certificates are collected by students from main reception and by ex-students at their awards ceremonies.
  • Certificates for current students (those that have taken exams in Years 9, 10 & 12) will be kept until they have completed their studies at school.
  • If needed for interviews, for example, they can be collected – ask at main reception They must be signed for.

All other certificates are retained for twelve months before being destroyed. A record is kept of certificates that have been destroyed.

Exam boards will NOT provide a replacement for a lost certificate. Candidates may apply for a statement of results for their own use or ask the exam board to send a confirmation of results to external bodies (employers etc). If a certificate is accidentally destroyed (ie by fire, theft or flood) candidates may apply for a replacement certificate. The application must be supported by a statement from a relevant source.

Please look after your certificates!

Exam Board – Information for Candidates

The documents below titled ‘Information for Candidates’ provide important advice and guidance to candidates about what they may and may not do whilst undertaking various aspects of examination work.

This information must be read prior to all examinations, coursework and controlled assessment.

Information for candidates CA
Information for candidates cswk
Information for candidates NEA
Information for candidates onscreen tests
Information for candidates Privacy Notice
Information for candidates social media
Information for candidates written exams