Weekly Training

On the weekly parade evenings you will be taught subjects ranging from using map and compass to complete orienteering exercises, camouflage and concealment, ‘basher’ building and self-reliance. These along with how to use a rifle, target shooting, leadership tasks and tactics form the basis of the APC (Army Proficiency Certificate) that each cadet usually passes within 18 months of joining. Most of the training and assessment is practical and is taught by cadet NCO’s.

Annual Camps

These last for 8 days and usually take place during the first week of the summer holidays.

All of the skills learnt during the year are put to the test during training exercises and competitions. Training takes place all day and through most of the night as well! These camps are strenuous, character building and good fun – all cadets are pushed to their limits. They learn to be self-sufficient as well as work part of a team. If they want to become an NCO they must attend these camps. They will also get the chance to meet and compete with other cadets from other schools.

Attachment Camps

From time to time we get the opportunity to be guests of a regular army unit either in this country or abroad. Cadets see just how the regular army lives, works and plays – almost a ‘work experience week’.