Work Related learning @ Sandbach School

Careers Information Advice and GUIDANCE (CIAG)

At Sandbach School, careers information, advice and guidance (CIAG) is offered and delivered through a wide range of integrated programmes from Years 7 to 13. ‘Careers’ forms an important part of our wider Work Related Learning Strategy and aims to meet and exceed the statutory requirements to provide impartial advice and guidance to all our students. The careers programmes we deliver also link to important polices that promote equality and diversity.

We know that effective careers advice has a positive and direct impact on a student’s aspirations and motivation to succeed. As such, we aim to meet all 8 of the Gatsby ‘gold standard’ benchmarks that promote effective careers delivery in schools.

The eight Gatsby ‘benchmarks’ of Good Career Guidance are:

1. To provide a stable careers programme
2. Learn from career and labour market information (and adapt accordingly)
3. Address the needs of each pupil i.e. understand their individual aspirations
4. Linking the student’s curriculum learning to careers
5. Providing encounters with employers and employees (for each year group)
6. Providing experiences of the workplace
7. Providing encounters with further and higher education providers (including Apprenticeship providers)
8. Ensuring personal guidance is available and offered to all students

Our careers programmes are regularly reviewed using this model as a benchmark; ensuring its ultimate fitness for purpose.

Sandbach School’s CIAG Delivery Includes

  • Access to independent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance provided by a nationally registered Professional Careers Consultant
  • Yr 7 to Yr 13 Relevant PSHCE Delivery via Tutor group Activities
  • Student work related ‘Enrichment’ days off normal timetable
  • Careers Assemblies and Visiting Speakers
  • Employer / Student ‘Forums’
  • Regular Business Input and Support from our local Skills and Growth Company and designated Business Advisor
  • Being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Targeted Work Experience in Year 10 and 12
  • Curriculum Links and Delivery via Subject Lessons e.g. Bentley Motors language workshops
  • Enterprise Activities e.g. Young Enterprise, Tycoon in Schools, Tenner Challenge
  • Enterprise Club
  • Visits to local and national F.E., HE. and Apprenticeship Careers Events
  • STEM Club and STEM Activities
  • Aspire group meetings and extra-curricular activities

Sandbach Schools Baker Clause Access Policy can be found here.