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The House system is an integral part of life at Sandbach School and aims to provide a sense of competition and fun through a range of school based activities. The Houses are Craig, Lea, Ward and Welles.

The House competition involves a wide range of activities throughout the year. Boys are allocated to a house when they start at the school. Boys with older siblings are always placed into the same house as their brother(s). Staff are also allocated to Houses to support via assemblies and activities.


Much of the organisation is carried out by senior boys with support from staff members who are Heads of House, under the watchful eye of Mr Jennings who is the House Co-ordinator.

The house system allows boys to compete in a range of sports and activities such as football, hockey, cricket, tug-of-war, swimming, orienteering, chess, art and poetry, and drama. The colour on a boy’s tie indicates his House: Craig – Green, Lea – Red, Ward – Yellow, Welles – Blue.


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