Weekly Training

The activities are varied and in the first year include:

Foot drill so that we can parade on Armistice Day;
Skill at arms rifle drill (training for shooting);
Sailing and windsurfing.


The Naval syllabus also includes:

Boat handling theory;
Navigation at sea;
Seamanship and leadership.

Most of these activities are practical but there are some exams and tests.


Afloat Training

At least once a term groups of naval cadets are given the opportunity to train at sea aboard a naval training vessel, where they can practise the arts of navigation and seamanship. Some lucky cadets are able to obtain a berth on a front line vessel and live on board following the full routine of watches as a trainee seaman.


Annual Camps

These usually take place in the summer and involve a week of varied activities that brings together all of the year’s training – seamanship, sailing, physical training and sports. Leadership and teamwork plays are an important aspect of the training.



The Royal Navy offers an extensive range of courses to all cadets from any section. Many cadets will travel on their own or with one or two friends and follow a week long course ranging from power-boating to armament, electrical engineering to leadership, mountaineering to a physical training instructors’ course. It is possible to qualify on the Royal Yachting Association scheme as a sailing instructor.