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Teaching Staff


Mrs Sarah Burns

Deputy Headteachers

Mr Stuart Dodds & Dr Jonathan Cosgrove

Assistant Headteachers

Ms Sue BielbyMrs Laura KaneMr Kevin Syke, & Mr N Darling

Subject Departments & Staff

Miss A Donohue CL
Miss S Goodwin
Mrs N Johnson
Mr J Mace
Mrs T Shone

Mr P Bowyer CL
Miss G Baccelliere
Mr M Daffon
Mr J Huddleston ACL
Mr S Mills

Mr B Stanley CL
Miss K Allen ACL
Mrs A Dale
Mrs H Gilbert
Miss E Halsall
Mr A Harding
Mr C Mannion
Mrs B Manson
Ms J Pender
Mr B Willis ACL

Mr D Bootherstone CL
Ms S Bielby
Mr P Hanson
Miss K McGrath ACL
Miss K Oliver

Mr P McGarrigle CL
Miss R Bird
Miss E Elmer
Mrs J Hall ACL
Mrs L Kane
Mrs K Saul
Miss E Stevenson
Mrs R Willett

Miss J Scott CL
Mrs E Austin
Mr D Webb

Mrs F Shakesheave CL
Mrs J Newton

Mrs C Haynes CL
Miss A Howard
Mr S Richards

Mrs L Robinson CL
Mrs S Burns
Miss A Curwen
Miss K Gardner
Mrs S Griffith ACL
Mrs H Hill ACL
Mrs J McGlincy
Mr D Roberts
Mr K Sykes
Mr C Talbot
Miss R Tomkinson
Mr N Townshend

Mrs G Barber CL
Mr I Raisbeck
Mr J R Barber

Mr S Robertson CL
Mr P Allen
Mr D Cooper
Mr S Dodds
Mr N Darling
Mr D Evans ACL
Mr J Long
Mr C Rowley
Mr M Sanders
Mr M Southern

Mr S Duncombe CL
Mr T Babb
Mr S Cartwright ACL
Dr J Cosgrove
Mr M Dodgson
Mr J Green
Mr J Leese ACL
Mr A Jennings
Mrs C Jennings
Mr T Roberts
Mrs P Swinnerton
Mrs G Sykes

Mr S Mills

Mr D Anderson CL
Mrs L Massey
Miss L Vincent

Mr L Jevons CL
Mrs M Watson

Ms J Bailey
Miss C Baker
Mrs S Barton
Ms I Bishop
Mrs H Cooper
Miss J Culverhouse
Miss D Felton
Miss F Ellam
Mrs T Gerrard
Mr T Hampson
Mr J Kontzie
Mrs G Lawrence
Ms L Lyons
Mrs K McNeil
Mr S Mottram
Mr C Parrish
Mrs C Reed
Mrs A Walster
Mr A Wellings

Mr J Ward
Mrs Y Lowthion (Maths)
Miss S Gallimore (English)

Mrs K Booth
Ms E Brookes
Mrs R Cooper
Mrs D Dilworth
Mr M Guildford
Mrs L Holdsworth
Mr A Shilton
Mr O Yates

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