At Sandbach School we believe that our students’ academic progress is tangibly and intangibly improved by involvement in our co-curricular activities. We know and it has been proven that strong participation in co-curricular activities results in improved academic performance through mechanisms such as self-confidence and development of key skills like communication.

At Sandbach School we provide a wide array of activities in our developed and embedded ‘Xtra’ programme. We encourage our younger students to participate as widely as possible whilst recognising that they may specialise later in their school career. The majority of our activities are available to students of all ages but for some activities, such our Combined Cadet Force that recently celebrated in Bicentenary, they start further into school. We know that participation in our co-curricular adds strength to personal statements and CV’s later in life.

Our students engage enthusiastically in a wide offer of activities ranging from extensive offers in the Arts, Music, Sport alongside activities that sit with our academic subjects. We also have the Sandbach School Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and there is no doubt that this is one of our most unique and brilliant opportunities for students to engage in our ‘Xtra’ programme. The CCF charter as published by the Ministry of Defence states that the CCF serves the specific function of providing the opportunity for young people to exercise responsibility and leadership. We have no doubt of the value of the CCF which is why so many of our staff volunteer in its support and the students that participate report of its superb value. The CCF, alongside the array of opportunities in sport, the arts, music plus many others allows our students to further develop into fully fledged and recognisable ‘Sandbachians’. We know that many of the opportunities we offer are unique and we are proud to be able to offer these opportunities to our community.