Transition and Induction Phase (Year 7 & 8)

Program of study

Students receive 2 lessons of MFL per week. Students will have the opportunity to engage in active and stimulating lessons which will encourage communication in the target language. Students will study a range of topics based around themselves and the world around them.

Assessment & Homework

Students will be assessed on their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through formative and summative assessments throughout the academic year.

Homework tasks will be set and published on Bromcom. Typically, a homework assignment should take around 60 minutes. Students are encouraged to do ‘little but often’ when completing the online homework tasks and this is the best fit when learning a language. Homework online will be set on for Y7 and Y8. It will also be used for Y9-11 as well as Language Gym, Quizlet and Seneca depending on the topic or stage in the calendar. On alternating weeks, students will complete vocabulary and grammar tests which will be based on the learning in the classroom, as well as content from homework assignments to build on their language acquisition and retrieval skills.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequencing