Transition and Induction Phase (Year 7 & 8)

Program of study

Students receive 2 lessons of History per week. In Year 7, after starting with the local, a study of the history of the school, the focus will be on how connected we are starting in the Ancient World before moving on into the Medieval Period. Their study stretches across the continents and time from the far North of Scotland to the Empire of Mansa Musa in the Ancient Kingdom of Ghana (and everywhere in between). In Year 8 the focus is on power and how it shifts overtime. Pupils start with a study of the Aztecs and Inkas before looking at the British Empire growth and fall. Pupils will study the Industrial Revolution, WWI, the USA in the 1920s and WWII. At the end of the year the pupils study the Holocaust to conclude History in the Transition and Induction Phase.

Assessment & Homework

Students will be assessed before each review point spaced out across year 7 and 8.

A variety of homework tasks will be set on a regular basis to support in class learning. Typically a weekly homework should take around 30 minutes. Examples of Homework include; research tasks, extended writing and reading, Consolidation exercises to reenforce in class learning

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequence