Why do students learn English?

The purpose of educating children is to teach them about meaning in life. It is vital for students to develop verbal and written skills in English to allow them to:
• Develop their understanding of their own thoughts and ideas through expansion of their own vocabulary and ideas.
• Become effective, active listeners.
• Develop their emotional skills and empathetic understanding of events/people.
• Develop independent thinking, evaluation and critical reasoning skills.
• Challenge their own perceptions, as well as the perceptions of those around them.
• Recognise the power of language throughout history (through the written word as well as spoken examples).
• Learn how to use language effectively in their own circumstances.
• Practice using language to influence other people or events.
• Learn how to use verbal and written English to wield their own power.
• Understand how to use English in a variety of situations, for a range of purposes.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequence


Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequencing