Here are a number of links related to C.V.s and Cover Letters (for generic applications and apprenticeship routes).

Creating an effective C.V.

Stand Out C.V. 10 Minute Intro video

Why Use a Template

CV Template for a Successful Application

Barclays Life Skills Advice

C.V. Builder (Register and Login)

My Perfect C.V.

professional C.V. templates / advice website

Writing a generic Student C.V.

How to write a student CV (tips and steps)

Writing an Apprenticeship C.V. 

Tips for Writing a Great Apprenticeship CV

C.V. Examples and writing guide

Apprenticeship CV Example

Further C.V. Examples and Advice

Parent Advice

Barclays Life Skills


Cover Letters

Barclays Life Skills How to write a cracking cover Letter

How to write a cover letter (guide)

How to write a cover letter YouTube Video 3.5 mins