Literacy is the combination of the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills we all need to fulfil our potential. Sandbach School accepts the fundamental principle that literacy is the key to improving learning and raising standards; it enables students to gain access to the subjects studied in schools, to read for information and pleasure and to communicate effectively in both written and spoken contexts.

Poor levels of literacy impact negatively on student learning and self-perception. Good levels of literacy directly correlate with academic success, future employment prospects and quality of life.

Literacy development is a core value for Sandbach School and all staff share responsibility for the teaching of literacy across the curriculum.


Sandbach School Marking Codes

All teachers use an agreed code to mark for literacy. The code is used to support students in improving the accuracy of their written work. Students are given time in lesson to act on any areas the teacher has identified as needing attention. Students are encouraged to proof-read their work before submitting it for marking in order to reduce any literacy errors in advance.

  • C – find and correct the missing or misplaced capital letters
  • P – punctuation errors
  • S – try this spelling again
  • // – new paragraph needed
  • V – replace with correct subject vocabulary
  • FS – rewrite this using a full sentence
  • ? – not clear – rewrite this short section again
  • D – you need to add more detail – add in an extra point
  • WW – wrong word eg. their / there – find it and correct it