During the qualifications phase the vast majority of students follow a set of courses which lead to a Level 2 qualification. The core offer to individuals of English Language and Literature, Maths, Science and Games is supported by four optional courses. Within the combination of subjects available students will have the chance to study for the Ebacc qualification.

Students are provided with support during the options process ensuring they make informed successful choices.

English and Maths is taught in ability groupings whilst all other level 2 qualifications are delivered in mixed ability classes.

The assessment model across the GCSE courses is fundamentally linked to challenging students to reach the highest demands of their courses. Cumulative assessments are again used to accurately report the progress individuals are making against the GCSE criteria of a specific subject.

In year 9 only a current GCSE grade is reported within reviews, no predicted grade is reported as not enough evidence has been collected to substantiate an accurate prediction.

In Year 10 and Year 11 both current and predicted grades are reported within reviews; these grades can be used in context with the individual target grade of the student for a subject (based on prior attainment at KS2) to reach a judgment on student attainment and progress.

All summative assessment tasks are cumulative, covering all aspects of the course covered to that particular point when the assessment is taken. Teachers continue to use formative assessment routinely within lessons to improve student attainment by modifying learning activities to suit the needs of individuals.


Hours per 10 day cycle

English and English Literature






Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4