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Transition and Induction Phase (Year 7 and Year 8)

In years 7 & 8 Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum. English and Maths is taught in ability groups whilst all other subjects are mixed ability groupings.

Subject Hours per 10 day cycle
Year 7 Year 8
English 8 8
Maths 6 6
Science 6 6
MFL 4 4
Geography 4 4
History 4 4
Religious Studies 2 2
Technology 4 4
Art 2 2
Performing Arts 2 2
Music 2 2
IT 2 2
Physical Education 4 4

Qualifications Phase (Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11)

During the qualifications phase the vast majority of students follow a set of courses which lead to a Level 2 qualification. The core offer to individuals of English Language and Literature, Maths, Science and Games is supported by four optional courses. Within the combination of subjects available students will have the chance to study for the Ebacc qualification.

Students are provided with support during the options process ensuring they make informed successful choices.

English and Maths is taught in ability groupings whilst all other level 2 qualifications are delivered in mixed ability classes.

SubjectHours per 10 day cycleEnglish and English Literature8Maths8Science10Option 15Option 25Option 35Option 45Games4

Post 16 Phase

Post 16 Students follow a Level 3 study programme which has a core aim that is either academic or vocational. Study programmes for students involve a minimum of 540 guided learning hours, of which approximately 90% is core curriculum time. The remaining part of the study programme consists of developmental activities such as PSHCE, Work Experience and enrichment activities. Some students study a combination of vocational and academic aims, but their core aim will be determined by the relative proportions of the subjects that they study.

Subject Hours per 10 day cycle
Y12 Y13
Option A 10 9
Option B 10 9
Option C 10 9
Option D 10 9
Enrichment / PSHCE 3 3
Work Experience 2 2

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