Our School

Inspired by excellence and Innovation

The school focuses on a commitment to offer opportunities for students, parents and members of the community to share its exciting facilities and to engage in partnership work with other organisations.

  • Our Head Boy/Girl Team fronts many of our celebrations and activities enabling them to develop their leadership skills and forge a strong link between the school and the community
  • We have excellent partnerships with our local primary schools, businesses and community groups working on projects and curriculum opportunities that both challenge and enhance our students’ perceptions
  • Working with primary schools on projects that support transition, staff development and the primary and secondary curriculums
  • Holiday activities for families and children
  • Community projects with organisations such as Waitrose, Sandbach Town Council, Cheshire East Lifelong Learning etc
  • An annual Careers Fair featuring many local, national and international businesses and organisations
  • Achievement Week, offering a chance for students to take charge of their own learning journey and challenging themselves with new experiences

As a school we are always open to new ideas or suggestions and would welcome your opinions on what you would like us to offer or how we can support a community project.