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Mission Statement

The Old Sandbachians’ Association exists to uphold the traditional values and character of Sandbach School, through the maintenance of friendships past and present and the provision of beneficial support to the School by mutual agreement.

Membership & Benefits

What are the costs? – Existing members cost is £10 per year, for new members the joining fee is £20 including first year’s membership (reduced to £10 if you have already purchased a tie) and then £10 per year.

What are the benefits? – New members will get an OSA tie on joining, regular copies of the Sandbachian Supplement emailed direct to them, and discounts on OSA events, including the Dinner.

Where does the money go? – we try and keep our costs to a minimum so that funds are available to support school initiatives if appropriate, including a regular gift to the Head Teacher’s Fund, to support deserving students in need of financial assistance for school activities.

What if I’ve got a tie and want to join? – joining fee reduced to £10.

What if I am a member and want a tie? – ties can be purchased for £11 including postage.

How do I pay? – preferably by bank transfer and standing order or by cheque payable to Old Sandbachians.

Other information

To support the mission statement we organise a small number of events each year to renew and maintain friendships and raise funds. Through the website we want to encourage all Old boys to get in touch and share recollections of school life to enrich the memories of all Old boys and the current school fraternity.

The oldest person on our database left the school in 1937!!!

OSA Officers

President – Alan Clarke

Vice President – Syd Holland

Secretary – Jeff Lewis

Treasurer – Tom Bunn

All enquiries to events@oldsandbachians.co.uk

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