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Design & Technology Trip to Munich October 2015

“What we got up to” written by Jack Ellershaw (Year 9)

Twenty-nine students travelled to Munich at the end of term to experience past, present and future technology at its best. With sketchbooks and fully packed days we hit the road ready to see everything the great Munich city had to offer.

The first day was mostly filled with travelling but we still found ways to enjoy it by teaching the teachers all about Instagram and how it works and Miss Baccelliere claiming that she was ‘only’ sixteen. Landing in Munich around 4pm we travelled to the hotel in the city centre where once unpacked we went for one of our many walks to the restaurant for our evening meal.

After a sleep deprived night, Friday felt the day that lasted forever! Down for breakfast at half past 7 we were split into 2 groups. Our group of 20 got onto the coach toward the BMW Factory whilst the other 9 walked to the Museum of Transport. The BMW Factory showed us how they build their cars from just panels at the start, to driving them off the production line at the end. With a rather dull tour guide it did become repetitive but was overall a great experience.

We all grouped back together to visit the truly amazing Allianz Arena. Waiting for the tour guide gave us chance to rest and reclaim some energy with lunch. A full tour of the stadium included the middle stand, main stand, press conference area, dressing rooms, player’s tunnel, media area and the stadium exterior. The capacity of the Allianz Arena is 75,000. The outer shell of the Arena is made up of 2,750 panels of which 1,506 light up three different colours (red, white, and blue). These colours mean different things; red for FC Bayern Munich, white for the  German national team and blue for TSV 1860 Munchen.

Afterward we split back into our groups and travelled to the Museum of Transport where the other group had been earlier that day. Not much looking around was done as we found a slide that needed repeated testing. 45 minutes of playing later we were kicked off. Apart from Mrs Henshaw, the rest of the group would definitely agree that an hour walk to the Hard Rock Café after that busy day wasn’t the best idea with fake injuries happening strangely outside every tram station! The meal was, in my opinion, the best out of all our evening meals. We then walked back to the hotel for a well-earned rest!

Day 3 began much better with almost all of us downstairs for breakfast on time. By half past 8 we were all at the tram station ready to depart to one of the world’s largest Science and Technology Museums. With 28,000 exhibited objects over 6 floors, the whole morning was soon gone with trying to see everything in such a small space of time. Afterward, we visited Munich’s market where expensive stalls filled the hour for looking around. In the afternoon we were given some free time to go off on our own and explore what Munich’s shops had to offer; cheap Nike trainers seemed to be a great buy.

Before tea we got onto Munich’s underground train and travelled to a bowling alley. The first games were taken really seriously but it became clear that using two balls at the same time down the alley was even better! On the staff lane, it was reported that Mr Mills wasn’t happy about being beaten by a girl, Mrs Henshaw was very good and Miss Baccelliere didn’t care and just wanted to go to bed! The evening meal was steak, turkey and chips. It was a really good day!

Sunday was the last day but there was no sign of rest yet. After breakfast, suitcases were packed and rooms were checked. We got onto the coach at 10am and travelled to the Olympic Park built for the 1972 Olympics. We saw the whole history of the stadium from 1972 to 2015 and played on Munich’s longest table football table. After a quick game of football in the stadium, we headed up the Olympic tower which is the tallest structure in Munich. From the tower you see a 360 degree view of Munich. After all of this, we relaxed and played a quick game of Mini Golf. It was very clear who knew how to play and who didn’t. Mr Mills was very happy to beat Mrs Henshaw at Golf.

To finish our tour of Munich a quick stop at the BMW Museum to see everything BMW have made since starting on March 7, 1916. The Mini exhibition was also a great temporary piece of the museum. A quick magic trick amazed us before getting back onto our last coach trip and departing to the airport.

Fantastic first trip abroad with School. Fully recommend to all students interested in Design and Technology.

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Year 10 Construction Site Visit

A group of Year 10 Construction students visited ConstructionWestcliffe Extra Care Construction site in Chell, Stoke-on-Trent.

Seddon’s are the firm tasked with developing the £22 million site and the visit was part of the ‘Open Doors Weekend’ – an exciting opportunity for pupils to gain an insight into the different roles of workers on the site, from the Site Manager to Bricklayers, Architects and Fork Lift Truck Drivers.

Students were given a tour of the site and from a vantage point were able to observe the construction site in action and ask questions about the various roles being carried out in front of them.  As the site is in the relatively early stages of development there were many tasks to observe as well as a question and answer session with the Site Manager who was able to give an insight into the planning and health and safety aspects of the course.

Curriculum Leader for Design and Technology, Mr Bowyer commented “The pupils were a credit to the school in the way they conducted themselves with the questions and interest they generated during their trip.  I’d like to give a special mention to Seddon’s who were fantastic throughout the visit, providing prizes for the winners of the development task where students were asked to work in groups to demonstrate how they would develop a site and work out costings.  The whole trip was extremely worthwhile and is the first opportunity for this cohort to experience Construction in the real world and many are now considering a career in this field.

Design & Technology Exhibition

The Design and Technology Exhibition took place on Wednesday 14th May 2014 and was a fantastic show case and celebration of pupil achievement throughout this academic year.

Work was on display from KS3, BTEC Construction, GCSE Product Design and A Level Product Design. Canapés and drinks were prepared and served by GCSE Catering students and the whole event was a huge success.

Mr Bowyer, Curriculum Coordinator for Design and Technology commented “The pupils have worked hard throughout the year to research, develop and produce some amazingly creative products and their efforts have culminated in this celebration of their achievements.  The work continues to improve year on year and there were a number of younger pupils who attended the exhibition to get inspiration for the work they will be completing next year.

A big thanks goes to the teaching staff in the Design & Technology Department who helped to prepare and set up the exhibition and a special thanks to the D+T technicians Mr McGill and Mrs Perry who continue to support pupils and staff alike as the department and projects develop and improve.


Design & Technology Exhibition 14th May 2014

Prospective and current parents are invited to attend the Design & Technology Exhibition on Wednesday 14th May between 4.00 and 7.00pm, in the Rigby Block.

The event will showcase the work of A level, GCSE, BTEC and Key Stage 3 students.

It’s always a great event with quality work on show.

Check out the video of last year’s event HERE.