Design and Technology

Year 10 Construction Site Visit

A group of Year 10 Construction students visited ConstructionWestcliffe Extra Care Construction site in Chell, Stoke-on-Trent.

Seddon’s are the firm tasked with developing the £22 million site and the visit was part of the ‘Open Doors Weekend’ – an exciting opportunity for pupils to gain an insight into the different roles of workers on the site, from the Site Manager to Bricklayers, Architects and Fork Lift Truck Drivers.

Students were given a tour of the site and from a vantage point were able to observe the construction site in action and ask questions about the various roles being carried out in front of them.  As the site is in the relatively early stages of development there were many tasks to observe as well as a question and answer session with the Site Manager who was able to give an insight into the planning and health and safety aspects of the course.

Curriculum Leader for Design and Technology, Mr Bowyer commented “The pupils were a credit to the school in the way they conducted themselves with the questions and interest they generated during their trip.  I’d like to give a special mention to Seddon’s who were fantastic throughout the visit, providing prizes for the winners of the development task where students were asked to work in groups to demonstrate how they would develop a site and work out costings.  The whole trip was extremely worthwhile and is the first opportunity for this cohort to experience Construction in the real world and many are now considering a career in this field.

Design & Technology Exhibition

The Design and Technology Exhibition took place on Wednesday 14th May 2014 and was a fantastic show case and celebration of pupil achievement throughout this academic year.

Work was on display from KS3, BTEC Construction, GCSE Product Design and A Level Product Design. Canapés and drinks were prepared and served by GCSE Catering students and the whole event was a huge success.

Mr Bowyer, Curriculum Coordinator for Design and Technology commented “The pupils have worked hard throughout the year to research, develop and produce some amazingly creative products and their efforts have culminated in this celebration of their achievements.  The work continues to improve year on year and there were a number of younger pupils who attended the exhibition to get inspiration for the work they will be completing next year.

A big thanks goes to the teaching staff in the Design & Technology Department who helped to prepare and set up the exhibition and a special thanks to the D+T technicians Mr McGill and Mrs Perry who continue to support pupils and staff alike as the department and projects develop and improve.


Design & Technology Exhibition 14th May 2014

Prospective and current parents are invited to attend the Design & Technology Exhibition on Wednesday 14th May between 4.00 and 7.00pm, in the Rigby Block.

The event will showcase the work of A level, GCSE, BTEC and Key Stage 3 students.

It’s always a great event with quality work on show.

Check out the video of last year’s event HERE.



Design & Technology Study Tour to London

On Friday 8th November 2013 the Design & Technology department took a combination of Year 10 pupils and Sixth Formers on a day trip to London. The trip focused on visiting the 3D Printshow at the Business Design Centre in Islington, followed by venturing 72 stories above London to witness the  awe inspiring ‘View From The Shard’.

After a 05:45 start we arrived at the 3D Printshow at 09:30 and headed straight for a talk by 3D printing expert Paul Harter from Printcraft who spoke with great experience about the use of 3D printing in schools. The boys were able to witness first hand the 3D printing process; from developing a CAD drawing to the production of a 3D physical model.

After Paul’s demonstration we visited the QUOD Scan 3D stand where we met Sandbach School old boy John Nuttall who has enjoyed incredible success working in the 3D industry. John’s company are based in Crewe and have worked on a number of high profile international projects ranging from scanning Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for Playstation game FIFA 14 to the latest works of Turner Prize winning artist Damien Hirst. Some of our Sixth Formers were scanned by QUOD’s revolutionary equipment that turns 850 pictures into a 3D file within 2 minutes. This was amazing to witness for all involved.

Following our visit to the QUOD stand we explored the show floor where exhibitors from all around the world were displaying and demonstrating how they used 3D printers. From cars to fashion and movie props to architectural models, the array of 3D printed products on display was truly incredible. The Printshow helped break down barriers to all pupils and helped make the process seem more accessible. The D&T department are pleased to announce we will soon take delivery of a 3D printer which will undoubtedly enhance the possibilities for projects and help to further showcase the creativity of our Product Design pupils.

Next stop after the 3D Printshow was a short trip on the Underground to Tower Bridge where we ate lunch next to Borris Johnson’s office outside City Hall. We had perfect weather which allowed us to take some fantastic photos of the surrounding architecture. Then after a short walk and a 71 storey elevator ride we arrived at the double tiered viewing deck of Western Europe’s tallest building; The Shard. We experienced a 360 degree, 40 mile view over London although by this time our views were slightly hindered by rain, but even the adverse weather couldn’t stop us enjoying the breath-taking sights.

It was time to head home after The Shard, we eventually made it back at Sandbach School for 20:00. It was a long day but extremely enjoyable for all involved. Year 10 boys can now look forward to using the day as as inspiration for the upcoming clock project.

A big thanks to all parents, pupils and staff for supporting this trip, we hope to be visiting London again next year for the 3D Printshow 2014!

For more information about the trip and for regular updates about the department, please follow us on twitter @SandbachDT