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Year 7 Parent and Child Reading Club

On Tuesday we held the last Year 7 parent and child reading club for this year.  This half term, we read “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman.  This should have been more of a “light-hearted” read (and we did find some humour in the book) but it stimulated more discussion than many of the other books we have read on far more difficult themes.  We were all a little bit surprised that the book kept us talking for well over an hour.  Some of the boys completed an Accelerated Reader test on the book before we locked up the library for the night too.

After discussions about what to do with the reading club next year, we have decided to expand the reading club to become a Year 7 and Year 8 parent and child reading club next year.  It would be great if some of the new Year 7 parents and boys would join us.

This year, as well as “The Graveyard Book”,  we have read and discussed “Holes” by Louis Sachar, “Listen to the Moon” by Michael Morpurgo, “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness and “Now is the Time for Running” by Michael Williams – so if you did not join us for the reading club, you could enjoy some of these over the summer.

We decided that we would all like to read a book over the summer.  Our summer reading book will be “Maggot Moon” by Sally Gardner.  The meeting to discuss this book will be organised soon after we return to school in September.  More details about this book are below along with a link to a website too.

Hope you all have a good summer.


Maggot Moonmm

Set in an alternative 1950s Britain, where Standish Treadwell and Gramps live with the rest of the undesirables in Zone 7, and all stand terrified under the brutal regime of the Motherland. But severely dyslexic Standish sees the world through different eyes to most, and through his vision and courage he has to track down his best friend Hector, who has disappeared completely, and ultimately find a way to bring down the oppressive forces of the Motherland. How can one boy stand against an all-powerful army?

MAGGOT MOON is an unforgettable story of courage, friendship and rebellion, written in a wholly original style that will have readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. It is also available as an all-new kind of iBook, filled with stunning extra content, including exclusive animations, interactive puzzles, videos and author interviews.

Maggot Moon Microsite

Year 9 Students Undertake Crest Award

Ever wondered why you can’t sleep properly at night or whether it is worth the money buying vitamin pills? The year 9s have been investigating and showcasing their work on vitamin C.

The students have been completing their Bronze Level Crest Award. It’s like the Duke of Edinburgh for science. Here are some photos to show you what they have been up to.

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Sandbach Students celebrate winning Sandbach Picture Competition

Winner Ashley Gaunt in Year 7 along with runners up Edward Pettitt, IMG_5289Max Rayner, Tom Smyth, Nathan Yeomans, Ben Jackson and Alex Robinson all entered their own unique “Picture of Sandbach”.

The competition, run by members of the Sandbach Neighbourhood Development Plan Group, have donated £250 to Sandbach School along with personal prizes for students donated by Chocodoodledoo and Sandbach Town Council.

Sandbach Mayor Cllr Gill Merry presented the students with their prizes and a cheque for £250 to Mrs Burns.

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Creative Media BTEC Students Commissioned to produce DVD

With the end of the academic year fast approaching some Year 13 CReative Mediastudents have been working on a special project with a local feeder primary school.

The Creative Media BTEC students were recently contacted by Elworth CE Primary School.  Head Teacher, Mr Neil Garratt, commissioned the boys  to help Year 6 students produce a Leavers’ DVD as a keepsake for them and their families.

The sixth formers, together with their teacher Mr Mace,  have been working with the Key Stage Two children, planning, storyboarding and filming a four minute music video.

Coincidentally one of the BTEC students, Harry Broady, was in a Year 6 Leavers’ Video himself when he was at Elworth back in 2007.  Mr Mace used to help even then on his days off from working for  ITV; his wife is a teacher at the school.  “It was funny going back,” Harry, now 18, said of the experience.  “It’s hard to imagine I was that young and it seems so long ago. I did feel quite at home though which was nice.”

Harry and the other five BTEC students will edit and finish the DVD over the nextHarry Broady few weeks and deliver copies to the primary school in time for the end of term celebrations

Sixth Form Geography Department Visit to Iceland – Easter 2015

At the end of March, 11 A-Level Geography students and 2 teachers embarked on a Geographical study trip to Iceland. Equipped with our hats, gloves and an excellent local tour guide named Thora, we braved the freezing temperatures and ventured off around Iceland.

Visits to the stunning Waterfalls of Gulfoss and Selafoss, allowed the Year 12 students to understand a process called isostatic uplift. At the Eyjafjallajökull Erupts museum, a short video showed the effects of the volcanic eruption on a nearby farm, an essential case study opportunity for the Year 13 students.

We also visited the Fontana Spa with its warm pools heated by geothermal energy. Whilst travelling around, there were opportunities to buy some fantastic local souvenirs and to taste the local cuisine, whale steak was interesting! There were also plenty of snow ball fights!!

This trip was an excellent opportunity to see first-hand some of the processes and landforms that we have studied on our courses. It allowed the Year 12 students to develop their knowledge of glacial processes and extreme tourism. The Year 13 students also improved their understanding of plate tectonic theory and the hazards associated with living in a volcanic area.

Our thanks go to Mr Bootherstone and Miss McGrath for hosting an unforgettable fieldtrip.

Beth Attwood Year 13

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