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Autumn Term

Event Year Group Date
House Meetings Year Group Tuesday 5th September
House Meetings Years 8-11 Tuesday 12th September (AM REG)
Road Relay All years Wednesday 27th September (AM REG)
Commemoration cup Years 8-10 Wednesday 4th October (All day)
House Tug o’ war Year 9 Tuesday 10th October (Lunch)
Seniors Wednesday 11th October (AM REG)
Year 11 Wednesday 11th October (Lunch)
Year 8 Thursday 12th October (Early Lunch)
Year 7 Friday 13th October (Early Lunch)
Year 10 Tuesday 17th October (Lunch)
House Meetings Years 7-10 Tuesday 7th November
Leech Bowl All years Wednesday 22nd November (Lunch)
House Rugby Year 9 Tuesday 28th November (Lunch)
Year 10 Wednesday 29th November (Lunch)
Year 7 Thursday 30th November (Early Lunch)
Year 8 Monday 4th December (Early Lunch)
Senior Tuesday 5th December (Lunch)
Year 11 Wednesday 6th December (Lunch)
Years 7-10 & seniors Wednesday 13th December (P1-P4)

Spring Term

Event Year Group Date
House Meetings Years 7-10 Tuesday 9th January (AM REG)
House Football Year 9 Tuesday 16th January (Lunch)
Year 10 Wednesday 17th January (Lunch)
Year 7 Thursday 18th January (Early Lunch)
Year 8 Friday 19th January (Early Lunch)
Senior Tuesday 23rd January (Lunch)
Year 11 Wednesday 24th January (Lunch)
House Spelling Bee All years Wednesday 14th Feb (AM REG, P1 & P2)
House Meetings Years 7-10 Tuesday 6th March (AM REG)
House Chess Year 7 Thursday 8th March (Early Lunch)
Year 8 Friday 9th March (Early Lunch)
Senior Tuesday 13th March (Lunch)
Year 9 Wednesday 14th March (Lunch)
Year 10 Thursday 15th March (Lunch)
Year 11 Friday 16th March (Lunch)
House Music All years Thursday 22nd March (P1-P4)

Summer Term

Event Year Group Date
House Meetings Years 7-10 Tuesday 24th April (AM REG)
House ‘Mathlete’ All Years Friday 27th April (Lunch)
House Table Tennis Senior/Year 11 Tuesday 1st May (Lunch)
Year 9/10 Wednesday 2nd May (Lunch)
Year 7 Thursday 3rd May (Early Lunch)
Year 8 Friday 4th May (Early Lunch)
Sports day Years 7-10 and seniors Wednesday 4th July

House Captains 2017/18


Head of House – Mr Southern

Senior Captain Charlie Therin
Senior Captains Callum Newman Scott Will Lane
Year 11 Captains Khaya Mankazana Aiden Stubbs
Year 10 Captains Matt Darlington Cameron Donald
Harley Johnson (i/c Yr 7) Ed Pettit (i/c Yr 7)
Year 9 Captains Harrison Evans Charlie Hollinshead
Ben Potter
Year 8 Captains Aaron Evans George Jenkins
Oliver Thomson

Lea House

Head of House – Mr Roberts

Senior Captain Callum Binner
Senior Captains Arun Dight Matt Caen
Alex Bishop Jimmy Bebbington
Sam Sellars Rich Lyon
Year 11 Captains Dan Atton Josh McDowall
David Welch
Year 10 Captains Ben Baston Ben Jackson
Angus Walker
Year 9 Captains Ryan Bee Ed Proudlove
Year 8 Captains Jacob Cummings Aled Robinson
Edward Temporal

Ward House

Head of House – Miss Baccelliere

            Senior Captain Harry Smith
Senior Captains Jordan Harrison Louis Stubbs
Year 11 Captains Matthew Delap Flinn Matthew Grant
Year 10 Captains Leo Chatzigeorgiou Max Raynor
Matthew Brown (i/c Yr 7) Jorge Garvie (i/c Yr 7)
Year 9 Captains Jack Holland Archie Hopton
Liam Johnson
Year 8 Captains Tom Tew Liam Woodcock

Welles House

Head of House – Mr Rowley

Senior Captain Milo Bailey-Welles
Senior Captains George Coles Ben Longwell
James Michell
Year 11 Captains Jack Ellershaw James Stanier
Year 10 Captains Bradley French Harry Hartley
Cameron McGlincy (i/c Yr 7) David Naylor (i/c Yr 7)
Year 9 Captains Sam Ellershaw Nathaniel Colenso
Jamie Jenson
Year 8 Captains Oliver Bavington Andrew Stanier
George Sutton




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