Cashless catering makes lunch time more efficient and exciting for the students in school and removes the need for them to carry money.

At the point of payment the pupil places their lunch card on the scanner and their account is debited.

The benefits are:

  • Students are served more efficiently and quickly and queues are kept to a minimum.
  • Complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals.
  • It is a unique verification. No one else can use the student’s account.
  • It ensures that money provided by parents to pay for schools meals is used only for that purpose.
  • It provides parents with the knowledge that their child is eating at lunchtime.
  • Online payment method for accounts via MCAS.


Catering is provided from Independents by Sodexo.

No Child Goes hungry!

If your son has run out of money on his account and has had nothing to eat. They will be given an automatic overdraft to a maximum of £5.

Next time they credit their account any funds owed will automatically be taken from the balance.

Lunch Card verification

If you are having problems with your lunch card at the till please see Tracy and arrange a day and time for you to get your fingertip rescanned.

What is my account balance and what does a daily limit mean?

Your account balance is how much money you have on your account in total. A limit of £5.00 is set on your account each day. This can be changed with parental permission by emailing or sending a letter in for the attention of The Catering Department.

My Child At School (MCAS)

MCAS is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card. This is available via an App on IOS or Android or though the website

New Pupils? – You will need an invitation code to link your parent account to a student, these will be given to you by school. When you link your account you will be asked to complete registration with your own password and pin.

If you ever have any problems using your MCAS account or would like to speak to someone regarding your son’s account please contact email

Themed days page

We will be running a themed day a month. On this page you will be able to see which themed days are coming up. Use the navigation on this page to go through the different months and find out what’s on! If you have any ideas for themed days fill in the box below and submit your idea! If your idea gets selected you and your friend will win a free meal and drink on that day! Also a queue jump pass!