Awards Day 6th July 2012 – Subject & Special Prize Winners

Awards Day 6th July 2012 – Subject & Special Prize Winners

Awards Day 6th July 2012.

The annual Sandbach School Awards Day was held on 6th July 2012.  There were 2 ceremonies – one for Years  7 & 8 and the other for the Year 9s upwards.

Alongside Platinum Certificates and  100% Attendance Certificates, boys were awarded Form and Head of Year prizes, plus subject prizes and Special Awards.  Also Mr Robertson did a sporting review of the Year and recognised the successes of some our pupils in the sports arena as well as the teams that have won honours this year.

This year’s winners of the subject and special awards are listed below:

The Hudson Award (Music Performance) – Joshua Savage Y12 and Stanley Scott 11D

Opera 90 Award for VoiceDaniel Powell 11A and Nathan Leigh Y12

Performing Arts Trophy – Luke Isherwood Y13

The Andrew Tonks Award for Vocational Excellence – Daniel Wilson 11A

Cecil Rigby Houseman of the Year –   Matthew Greasby and Nicholas Watts Y13

The Lee Jones Progress Award – Taylor White 7N

 The Stuart Jones Progress Award – Ashley Dean-Crowder 8S

The Andrew Jones Progress Award – Cameron Kenny 9N

The Bill Gott Progress Award Dean Matthews 10S

The Rodney Breathen Progress AwardOliver Cannam 11E

Excellence in Physics (The Robert Haywood Award) – Lewis Carter Y12

The Ward BursaryJake Benson 10K

Randall Bennett Service to School Award – Daniel Powell 11A

The Old Sandbachians’ Award Jamie Sharp Y13

Business Studies – George Blake Y13

Citizenship William Dakin 8N

Drama (The Ratcliff Trophy) – Jordan Brooks Y13

EconomicsAdam Niven Y13

English (The Evans Prize) – Gregory Savvides Y13

Enterprise Learning – Tom Watson Y13

Geography (The Simon Palfreyman Trophy) – Nicholas Roberts Y13

Graphic Design (The Sandbach PTA Prize and The Phillip Hall Trophy) – Jordan Painter Y13

History (The Martin Johnson Prize) – James Croissant Y13

Information Technology (Junior) (The James Fox Memorial Prize) – Bailey Taylor 9C

Information Technology (Senior) – Mitchell Kerrison Y13

Law – Joseph Chadwick Y13

Mathematics (Junior) (Brian James Moss Cup) – Matthew Reel 8A

Mathematics (Senior) (The Boarders’ Trophy) – Craig Roberts Y13

Modern LanguagesAdam Victor Y13

Music (Academic) – Jamie Sharp Y13

Physical Education (The Bruce Thompson Prize) – Alexander Colquhoun Y13

Politics (The Colin Brown Prize) – Fraser Schurer-Lewis Y13

Product DesignTom Watson Y13

Psychology – Thomas Statham Y13

Religious StudiesWilliam Bloor 8B

Science (Junior) (The Peter Wiles Prize) – Stephen Wilson 9B

Science (Senior) (The Edmund Finney Trophy) – Daniel Coxon Y13


Some of awards date back over 100 years and some are more recent.  The information we have on the awards is listed below.

Art: The Phillip Hall Trophy “Awarded for artistic endeavour” Ref: The Sandbachian 1990.
English: The Evans Prize The Evans Prize is the oldest prize. The Reverend Lewis Evans MA was appointed Head Master on October 21st 1850. At Easter 1869 he fell ill and died. A brass tablet and stained glass window were placed in St Mary’s Church by his fellow parishioners, neighbours and former pupils. The Evans medal was founded for good conduct and industry. For the last hundred years the award has been for literature. There is no longer a medal but a cheque and a name placed on the Evans Memorial board in the Drama Studio.
Geography: Simon Palfreyman Trophy In 2001 Mr Palfreyman became the President of the Old Boys’ Association. To celebrate this fact Mr Palfreyman wanted to establish a named award in recognition of A level Geography.
History: The Martin Johnson Prize Martin Johnson was involved in the building of the Peter Doughty Block, and as History was to be taught in the new building, he donated a prize for History.
ICT (Junior): James Fox Prize The James Fox Prize remembers pupil James Fox who was tragically killed cycling to school in 1996 aged 14.  The ICT Suite Room 80 is also dedicated to James.
Mathematics(Junior):Brian James Moss Memorial Cup The Brian James Moss Memorial Cup remembers Brian James Moss a foundation scholar at Sandbach School from 1929-1937. After his death his wife kindly endowed a cup and prize in his memory. He was keenly interested in mathematics, writing, painting, and inventing. Always modest about his talents, he had a keen sense of humour.In 1940 he joined the Royal Engineers and worked in bomb disposal in the London Blitz and saw active service with the 50thDivision in Africa, Sicily and Europe. He was wounded on D Day but continued with his unit until severely wounded at Nijmegan.After the war he restarted his career as a Borough Engineer at Crewe, Crawley and Swindon. After a spell hill farming in West Wales he moved with his wife to Nova Scotia. He died in 1999 and is buried in a graveyard overlooking the ocean.His wife Mrs Cecily Moss wanted to return something to Sandbach School and recognise the debt that Brian owed to his old school. She generously sponsored this award. She wished the recipient of this award to know about Brian and for him to be not merely a name.
Mathematics (Senior):The Boarders’ Trophy The Boarders Trophy was the result of the reunion of former boarders that took place in 1995. They decided to present a cup in the memory of their Head Teacher Mr. Ross Cubbon. Each year one of this group of former boarders comes to present the prize.
The Performing Arts Trophy The trophy was donated with the intention of rewarding those who excel at curriculum Drama. It was donated by the first joint recipients of the Radcliffe Prize in 2002 – Ben Cave, Michael Clay, Daniel Easton, Andy Cargill and Jonathan Critchley  – with the desire to ‘pass the baton’ on to those who also find Performing Arts at Sandbach School a positive and fulfilling experience.
Physical Education: Bruce Thompson Trophy Bruce Thompson was a governor and great supporter of Sandbach School.  His family wished his name to be remembered by means of an award.
Politics: Colin Brown Prize Colin Brown was an ex Head Teacher of the school who was involved in setting up the current Politics course.  When he left the school, he donated the Colin Brown Prize as his legacy.
Science (Junior): The Peter Wiles Prize The Peter Wiles trophy was started when Peter Wiles left Sandbach School in 2008. He was a science teacher before he became Head Teacher so wanted to leave this award as his legacy to the school.
Special Awards
Richard Peever Trophy This award remembers the life and tragic death of Richard Peever. He joined Sandbach School in September 2001 and quickly established himself as a real character in his form.  Richard was fully involved in school life appearing in The Evenings of Dance and Physical Theatre, the Comedy Evenings, School Council and in Year 11 he was elected Form Captain.His parents have asked for him to be remembered by means of a trophy. It was decided to award this to the Year 8 Form with the highest number of commendations.
The Hudson Award for Music Performance This is a trophy given to the school by Mrs Kath Hudson who was formerly Head of Music at the school. It is given for outstanding musical performance.
The Opera 90 Award for Music (Voice) As part of the Arts College agenda, boys’ singing has become an area of interest and strength for the school. To encourage this development it was decided to award a voice prize. A small amount of money has been used to create the Sandbach School Opera 90 Award for Voice.
The Vernon Shield for  Music (Grade Exams) For the highest score in Associate Board music exams. This trophy was presented by a long serving member of the governing body.
The Lee Jones Progress Award (Y7) The Stuart Jones Progress Award (Y8) The Andrew Jones Progress Award (Y9)The Bill Gott Progress Award (Y10) Mrs Ann Jones presented 4 cups to be awarded at our Awards Ceremony. She requested specifically that these should be awarded to those boys who are supported by the Learning Support Department of the School.
The Rodney Breathen Progress Award The Rodney Breathen Award is awarded to the most improved pupil in the school.
The Andrew Tonks Award for Vocational Excellence It is presented in honour and memory of an ex-student Andrew Tonks. After a long battle Andrew sadly lost his fight with cancer and passed away whist receiving further treatment for his illness.Andrew was a remarkable young man in many ways. He had a positive attitude and lived his life to the full. He was hard working and had a great sense of humour.It was the wish of the school and his friends that an award was established in his honour, to encourage in other students to adopt the many positive virtues that Andrew possessed. Andrew made a conscious decision not to follow a purely academic route after his positive GCSE results. Instead he set about becoming a Head Chef, excelling in an industry that reflected his upbeat and confident style.
The Tom Jones Trophy The Tom Jones Trophy is awarded to the Year 7 form that gains the most average commendations during the year.
Dr Randle Bennett Award for Service to School The Dr Randle Bennett Award was first awarded in 1998. It was sponsored by a friend of the school to celebrate the life of Dr. Randle Bennett who at the time of his death, at the age of 94, was the oldest member of the Sandbach School family.  The award is to recognise service to the school.
The Ward Bursary The school registers for 1890 list a Douglas Farr and a Cyril Richard Ward as members of the school. They lived close to each other in Crewe and for five years attended this school. They both served in the First World War with Douglas reaching the rank of captain but Cyril sadly being killed in the first week of the battle of the Somme in 1916.You can find his name on the honours board in the school chapel and on the war memorial at Chester Town Hall. In 1921 Captain Farr, in memory of his friend Cyril, donated a sum of money to the school. The fund is to encourage international travel and understanding. It is not awarded every year.
Cecil Rigby Houseman of the Year Awarded to the best all-round sportsman in House Events. Ref: The Sandbachian 1989.
Excellence in Physics: The Robert Haywood Award This award is in memory of Robert Haywood who was a physics teacher at Sandbach School.  Robert had a passion for Physics and this award is to recognise a similar passion for the subject.
The Old Sandbachians’ Award

The Old Sandbachians’ Award is an annual award given to the outgoing Head Boy in recognition of his service to the school in his year of office. He receives an engraved tankard which is his to keep.

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