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Year 7 Visit Stanley Head – See Video & photo gallery

A video and photo gallery of Year 7 pupils at Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre.

Comments from Year 7 pupils:

It was really good, I did abseiling, climbing, high ropes, leap of faith and crate stacking.  The leap of faith was my favourite because what you had to do was jump of a top of a tower and you fall and then it would slow you down before you hit the floor!

I overcame my fear of heights;  I had lots of fun;  made new friends from a different form;  tasty food;  I overcame my fear by doing the abseil.

I had a great experience at Stanley Head.  I learned about teamwork on the crate stack and on the challenge wall.  On the wall climbing I learned that the only one stopping you is you.  On the high wire I stopped my fear of heights and completed the high wire.

I enjoyed the trip it was really fun, the activities were really good and the instructors were really nice.  On the high ropes Mr Duncombe got a text off his wife.

Stanley Head what an amazing adventure.  It was a really fun day out and I met new friends and discovered new activities.  It was really scary on the high ropes but I kept my focus and carried on until the end.  After the high ropes there was the leap of faith.  It was the scariest thing in my life.  I looked at the edge, I thought I couldn’t do it but with a bit of encouragement I jumped off the 15m plummet to the floor.

I liked dangling from a rope, it was like I was flying.

It was funny when we were making jokes when people were eating.