10th Anniversary of Fukien Secondary School New Campus

10th Anniversary of Fukien Secondary School New Campus

I was very fortunate at the end of last term to have been given the opportunity to visit our partner school In Hong Kong, Fukien Secondary School, and represent Sandbach School at their 10th Anniversary celebrations. I travelled with Susan Wiles arriving on Thursday16th Dec in the afternoon, where we met up with Peter Wiles (previous head of Sandbach School). A few hours after touch down it was straight into the celebrations as we were whisked away to the first of a number of Chinese banquets with a host of dignitaries!

The next day we were part of a conference for Principals from Hong Kong and China organised by Dr Lam, the principal of Fukien. There were a number of guest speakers including myself and Peter. The theme was ‘Creating 21st Century Specialist Schools’ – my address discussed the impact of specialist status upon Sandbach School. It was very interesting to meet and discuss current Educational topics with Heads from Singapore and China, particularly as these Education systems seem to be flavour of the month at the DFE!

The rest of the time was spent sightseeing, meeting with staff from the school and attending their end of term variety show and English musical. Dr Lam was very keen that Sandbach School was represented at the musical as we have been pivotal in supporting their development of the Performing Arts. In fact, two of our ex Year 13 students Tom Morris and Adam Atlasi were part of the production team for the musical. The two lads are taking advantage of a 6 month placement at the school which has been facilitated by the partnership between the 2 schools.

Whilst the future of our partnership with Fukien is a little uncertain, due to the financial situation in the UK and the difficulty of finding the funds for student visits, I do hope that the visit helps to cement the relationship between us and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining it.

Sarah Burns

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