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Sandbach School specialises in educating boys. Every aspect of school life is geared to create the right environment for boys to thrive. Statistically evidence from the UK and around the world demonstrates that boys achieve higher results and make better progress in single sex schools. We make no apology for focusing upon academic achievement and setting aspirational targets for our young men. But we balance this with a co-curricular programme of out of class activities which teaches our boys the need for hard work and effort before tasting success. Results academically are impressive: last year 89% achieved a level 4 or above in Maths, 80% in English and 75% gained the old measure of 5A*-C grades including English and Maths. All students left with qualifications which supported their chosen pathway – many returning to our Sixth Form but others gaining prestigious apprenticeships.

In other areas our boys have also excelled. Our aim is always to support them whatever their talent and passion and so the range of opportunity is truly expansive. We have had elite runners taking part by invitation in the London Mini Marathon. Students who have successfully made the national finals in table tennis and cross country. We are U16 county hockey champions and U14 runners-up. U13 Cheshire football champions and Cheshire County finalists in two other age groups. One of our students made the final of the percussion BBC Young Musician of the Year with another winning the best instrumental soloist at the National Youth Brass Band Championships. These are just a few of the successes from last year!

I hope that the website gives you a flavour of our ethos and values. If you would like to know more we warmly welcome you to visit us.

Mrs Sarah Burns


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Record Breaking GCSE Results

In the final year of GCSEs in their current format, Sandbach School is celebrating record breaking results.  For the first time over 70% (72%) gained what is now the old measure of 5 A* to C including a Maths and English qualification. This is a tremendous achievement given the uncertain landscape of education.  84% of students gained a C or above in Maths, 78% C or above in an English. Outstanding performances from many students helped to secure such successful results.

Back in 2011, Josh Barker was very keen to join the school from primary school but as a profoundly deaf student both he and his parents were aware of the challenges that he might face. He has fully participated in every aspect of school life and today we were all very proud to see him achieve 3 A*, 2 A and 3 B. 

Toby Brady gained 9 A* and 1 A.  As well as being an incredibly hard working student, Toby is also a superb musician and performer.  He has now secured a prestigious scholarship to study for the next two years at Stoneyhurst College and we wish him all the best as he takes up this fantastic opportunity.

Arun Dight is one of our elite runners, performing at the highest levels possible in national competitions, including the English Schools Athletics Championships and has secured 4A*, 6A and 1B.  Other high achievers include: Salih Gajoum achieved 5A* and 5A, Harvey Neil 4A*, 4A and 1B; George Tam 5A*, 2A, 3B; Luke Watson 4A*, 4A 1B; Lee Tzabach 2A*,7A and 1B.

In addition to Maths and English many other departments have secured outstanding results. These include Art graphics 88%, Biology 98%, Computing 90%, French 81%, Chemistry 98%, ICT 91%, Music 80%, PE 80%, Product Design 85% and Physics 100%. At a time when nationally there is much concern about the performance of boys nationally these results most certainly buck the trend.

In commenting upon these achievements Mrs Burns said: “These kind of successes do not happen by accident, they are the result of a phenomenal amount of work by key staff at School.  This year group was very fortunate to have been supported by Mark Guildford (a former schools’ police liaison officer) for three years with additional support in the final year from Adam Shilton and senior support from Assistant Headteacher Andy Barker for all 5 years.  The team formed a special relationship with the year group and their families, and students were incredibly well supported by the partnership of their teachers and their parents.  We are delighted that the vast majority will be staying on for our sixth form but to the whole class of 2016 we say very well done and wish them all the very best.”

The school is also celebrating Champion School status from the National Citizenship Service with 51 students from this year group embarking on the programme during the summer. Mark Guildford commented: “The outstanding examination results coupled with the commitment to completing NCS proves what a dedicated and driven set of students are collecting their results today. The school is immensely proud of their achievements”



Key: A-G (A-C)

K Allcock 10(3), L Allen 7(0), W Annan 9(2), W Appleyard 10(10), E Ashman 9(9), L Bailey-Wells 9(9), M Bailey-Wells 9(9), S Baker 9(7), J Barber 10(4), J Barker 8(8), L Barnes-Sumner 10(3), M Barnett 9(1), J Batchelor 8(7), L Battams 9(2), M Beadle 9(9), L Beaton 9(1), L Beckingham-Dean 8(7), J Belsham 9(9), C Bennett 9(9), B Beresford 10(10), C Beresford 9(6), J Beresford 10(5), J Bicknell 9(3), C Binner 9(9), T Blagbrough 10(8), T Brady 10(10), E Brennan 10(5), V Brown 10(10), F Bunn 10(8), L Buttle 10(10), N Cain 9(9), T Cantwell-Browne 9(2), J Carleton 10(1), A Carrigan 10(8), M Casey 9(0), J Cater 10(5), J Catlow 9(8), D Chadwick 9(9), C Chambers 9(9), T Chippendale 10(10), D Cork 9(1), L Cornwell 10(7), J Coules 9(3), O Cuttle 9(9), E Darlington 9(9), H Davies 9(9), M Davis 10(9), A Dight 11(11), A Dobson 9(9), M Dockery 9(2), R Dodd 9(9), C Donderici 9(2), F Earley 9(9), O Evans 8(1), M Farrington 9(9), R Fearn 9(9), Z Fielding 10(10), D Forster 9(7), H Forster 9(4), J Fox-Marrs 10(10), C French 10(3), S Gajoum 10(10), O Gardner 9(9), A Garnett 10(9), L Gibbons 9(7), L Gibbons 9(2), B Gilbert 10(9), P Gilligan 9(9), C Goodwin 9(8), J Goodwin 10(2), J Gorst 10(6), L Greathead 10(10), T Griffiths 9(6), B Hall 10(7), J Haran 9(9), N Hardman-Apps 9(6), J Harrington 9(9), O Henry 9(4), J Herron 9(9), A Hewitt 9(6), C Hill 9(9), S Hillyer 9(1), K Holden 9(9), L Hollinshead 9(2), O Holmes 9(9), J Hooper 10(10), C Horsfield 9(9), C Hough 9(8), T Howard 9(9), M Howarth 9(2), S Howarth 9(9), G Huddleston 10(10), T Hyland 10(4), L James 9(7), D Jardine 9(2), M Johnson 9(8), O Jones 10(7), L Kennerley 9(6), M Kennerley-Ryan 9(9), J Konopnicki 10(9), A Lea 10(6), J Longworth 9(6), J Macgillivray 9(5), S Maguire 8(4), L Martinez 9(9), B McCann 9(1), J McDermott 9(9), M McGuffie 9(9), I McQuoid Taylor 9(8), F Meredith 9(9), B Minshull 10(7), M Morgan 8(1), E Mountford 9(9), B Mullen 10(10), N Murphy 9(9), L Myers 7(1), T Nairn 9(9), H Neil 10(10), J Neville 10(8), J Newell 9(9), C Newport 9(9), H O'Shea 9(8), H Pace 9(2), D Parish 9(1), M Parrish 9(9), H Peach 9(9), J Peltier-Smith 10(8), L Percival 9(4), H Pointon 9(9), G Port 10(10), T Powell 9(9), E Pugh 9(3), T Purton 9(7), A Rivett 9(9), F Roe 9(9), E Rorbach 9(7), G Saignes 9(7), J Saunderson 10(10), J Scott 10(7), J Scragg 9(6), J Shaw 9(9), A Simpson 10(10), B Sinclair 9(9), J Skellern 9(7), J Skupski 9(9), J Slater 8(2), G Smith 9(9), J Smith 10(9), B Snape 9(6), G Southern 9(9), T Stacchini 10(8), J Stather 9(8), J Steadman 9(6), B Stell 10(9), K Stubbs 10(10), T Swain 9(8), F Swale 10(9), G Tam 10(10), M Taylor 9(9), T Taylor 9(9), C Therin 9(6), E Thomlinson 10(4), E Titley 9(1), C Tizard 9(8), M Tomlinson 10(2), H Tunney 10(8), M Turner 8(4), L Tzabach 10(10), O Walley 9(3), C Wan 9(9), T Wareham 9(4), T Warren 10(10), L Watson 10(10), J Webster 10(10), K Welch 9(7), T White 9(6), H Whitehead 10(9), T Whittaker 10(9), C Williams 9(7), H Williams 9(2), J Williams 10(3), L Williams 10(10), T Willis 9(9), T Wisdom-Bayley 10(5), S Wolstencroft 9(9), J Wood 10(9), B Worsley 10(6), C Yu 10(8)

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