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Sandbach School specialises in educating boys. Every aspect of school life is geared to create the right environment for boys to thrive. Statistically evidence from the UK and around the world demonstrates that boys achieve higher results and make better progress in single sex schools. We make no apology for focusing upon academic achievement and setting aspirational targets for our young men. But we balance this with a co-curricular programme of out of class activities which teaches our boys the need for hard work and effort before tasting success. Results academically are impressive: last year 89% achieved a level 4 or above in Maths, 80% in English and 75% gained the old measure of 5A*-C grades including English and Maths. All students left with qualifications which supported their chosen pathway – many returning to our Sixth Form but others gaining prestigious apprenticeships.

In other areas our boys have also excelled. Our aim is always to support them whatever their talent and passion and so the range of opportunity is truly expansive. We have had elite runners taking part by invitation in the London Mini Marathon. Students who have successfully made the national finals in table tennis and cross country. We are U16 county hockey champions and U14 runners-up. U13 Cheshire football champions and Cheshire County finalists in two other age groups. One of our students made the final of the percussion BBC Young Musician of the Year with another winning the best instrumental soloist at the National Youth Brass Band Championships. These are just a few of the successes from last year!

I hope that the website gives you a flavour of our ethos and values. If you would like to know more we warmly welcome you to visit us.

Mrs Sarah Burns


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Google Expeditions

Years 7, 8 and 9 students recently experienced Goggle Expeditions - here is some more details from students who took part.



We thought that the google expedition was great!

It was very realistic, as if you were actually in the location we were looking at. Also the places we visited around the World, it’s possible that we would never be able to see them.  For example: inside a volcano and swimming through the coral reefs. A result of this is that we got to see it as clearly as if in real life instead of learning about it in a text book.

Furthermore, we thought that the VR cardboard headsets were very easy to use, with a clear view of the place we were looking at. However, the main thing that made the experience even better was the fact that you could turn around with the headset on and see behind you, next to you, up above and below you. This helped a lot when we went to places because we saw every aspect.

What’s more is that our teacher could show us certain important features. For example: the magma chamber in a volcano and an insect in the rainforest. This helped a lot as we got directions at the characteristics that we were supposed to look at.

Also, for example; Christ the Redeemer in Rio, we got to see higher up and closer meaning that we could see every detail. This also helped with the insects in the rainforest as it showed every detail and property.

Over all the whole experience was great and we would highly recommend it to other students and schools as it brings learning to life.  9/10!!


My experience of google expeditions was excellent. It created a real sense of realism. We explored places; we never thought we would ever see! Also the lesson became very interactive as the person next to me would say “look at that massive whale behind you!” and “wow, that volcano is massive”

Each time a new place was shown, miss gave us a detailed talk with questions about what was going on, where we thought we were and any animals around us.

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