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Sandbach School specialises in educating boys. Every aspect of school life is geared to create the right environment for boys to thrive. Statistically evidence from the UK and around the world demonstrates that boys achieve higher results and make better progress in single sex schools. We make no apology for focusing upon academic achievement and setting aspirational targets for our young men. But we balance this with a co-curricular programme of out of class activities which teaches our boys the need for hard work and effort before tasting success. Results academically are impressive: last year 89% achieved a level 4 or above in Maths, 80% in English and 75% gained the old measure of 5A*-C grades including English and Maths. All students left with qualifications which supported their chosen pathway – many returning to our Sixth Form but others gaining prestigious apprenticeships.

In other areas our boys have also excelled. Our aim is always to support them whatever their talent and passion and so the range of opportunity is truly expansive. We have had elite runners taking part by invitation in the London Mini Marathon. Students who have successfully made the national finals in table tennis and cross country. We are U16 county hockey champions and U14 runners-up. U13 Cheshire football champions and Cheshire County finalists in two other age groups. One of our students made the final of the percussion BBC Young Musician of the Year with another winning the best instrumental soloist at the National Youth Brass Band Championships. These are just a few of the successes from last year!

I hope that the website gives you a flavour of our ethos and values. If you would like to know more we warmly welcome you to visit us.

Mrs Sarah Burns


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A Level Results 2016

Students and staff are once again celebrating a bumper crop of A Level and BTEC results at Sandbach School. The strong performance across the board has culminated in a pass rate of 99% and 50% of papers graded A*-B at A Level.

Head teacher Sarah Burns said she was delighted with them. “We’re thrilled to see so many of our students gain the grades that they deserve. The strong partnerships between staff and students and hours of hard work have paid off resulting in outstanding levels of achievement."

Individual successes are many and varied. Dan Budden, who is also an elite sailor and has competed for GB at a junior level for a number of years, has managed to excel at A Level, achieving A,A,B despite his very busy schedule outside of school . He will be reading Accounting and Finance at Exeter University whilst also attempting to get into the Team GB sailing team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Another high performer both in and out of school, Jacob Brown, who competes at a national level in athletics, did very well to achieve A*,B,C. Jacob is going to read Mathematics at Loughborough.

Other notable performances have come from Charles Tam, who achieved A*,A,B,B, and will be reading Physics at Birmingham University, Cameron Crampton, with A*,A,A, who will be reading Mathematics at Durham University, Klaudio Vazan, who has achieved A,A,B, and will be reading Biochemistry at Warwick University, Niall Pole, who has achieved A,A,B and will be reading Politics Philosophy and Economics at Manchester University, Matthew Bunn, who achieved A*,B,B and will be reading Mathematics at Birmingham University, Bradley Davies, who achieved A,A,A and will be reading Law at Manchester, and David Jones, who achieved A,A,B and is going to Manchester University to read Mathematics. At the time of writing 86% of students who applied for university have gained their first or second choice places with 38% going to Russell Group Institutions.

Outstanding levels of achievement were gained in Maths where 67% gained A*/A and 83% A*- B grades; in Law where 67% gained A*- B and 100% A*-C grades and in Geography where 63% gained A*-B grades. Other academic subjects that gained A*-B grades above 50% included Art & Design, Chemistry, Economics and Business, Further Maths, Music, and Media.

The sporting reputation of Sandbach School has again come to the fore with the students studying the BTEC Level 3 in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) achieving an outstanding set of results.  100% of them achieving the equivalent of A*-B across their units and 86% being graded at Distinction (A*/A equivalent).  Four students, Ben Istead, Liam Kettle, Jake Monks and Jack Taylor achieved the highest grades possible, D*D*D* which places them amongst the highest performing students in the school.  In addition, Jay Bridle, Jack Cottam and Daniel Owen achieved DMM, DDD and DDM respectively.  All of them have exciting plans for their future: Ben has successfully gained an apprenticeship at Sandbach School within the Physical Education Department for a year before taking up a sports degree at Leeds Beckett University.  Also going to Leeds are Jay Bridle, Jack Cottam and Jack Taylor. Jake Monks intends to take a year out to gain some coaching experience before taking up a confirmed offer to study sports science at Bath University.  Daniel Owen is seeking an apprenticeship in sports journalism.  Liam Kettle is off to the USA, having gained a soccer scholarship to study for a Sports Business Degree at the University of Oklahoma.

We wish all of our students the very best as they embark upon the next stage of their lives.



E Adams A,G,H,EL*; G Ashley BE,H,Ge,B*; C Bartzis Co,H,C,FM*; D Blackburn BE,H,H,GP*; G Bordill G,H,L,H*; A Bradbury H,Ph; J Bridle Sp; J Brown BS,H,FM,H*; D Budden G,GP,H,AG*; M Bunn H,FM,Ph,Co*; B Campion H,Co,GP*,H*,Ph*; M Chadwick G,H,Ps; J Cornish G,H,Ph,AG*; J Cottam Sp; C Crampton BS,H,FM,Ph*; B Davies BS,H,L,ICT*; H Davies G,H,Mst; H Davies BE,EL,H,B*; H Davies E,H,RS; T Davies BE,B,H*,H*,Ps*; W Dawson AG,Co,Ph; *; S Eastwood A,TS,PE; P Fairlie BS,H,Ps; J Farrington H,So,L*; L Fullerton AG,PD,Co; M Gallagher EL,GP,Co; J Goodier G,H,PE,E*; B Green G,H,GP*; H Guildford G,H,So; T Harper H,GP,L,EL*; J Hearn BS,PD,G; D Hodson A,H,So,Ph*; J Holland H,H,C,B*; R Hough A,PD,H; M Howe Co,H,Ph,H*; B Istead Sp,BS*,G*,H*,PE*; D Jones H,FM,Ph,Co*; J Jones G,H,Ph,B*; R Kerry BE,G,Mu,MT,Ps*; L Kettle Sp,BS*,PD*,PE*; J Lakin PE,Ps,L*; C Leitch BE,ICT,H,Co*,F*,Ph*; A Livesey H,Ps,C,B*; A Lowe BE,E,H,ICT,BS*,GP*,L*; J Massey BE,ICT,Ps,H*; G McEvoy G,H,GP,F*; J Monks Sp; L Murphy H,GP,BS*,Mst*; J Niblett Ps,B,Ph,H*; H Nicholls H,GP,Co,H*; O Nunn G,F,Ge; S O'Connor AG,Co,ICT,Ps*; H O'Leary BS,H,C,Ph*; R O'Toole AG,PD; D Owen Sp; E Parrish H,GP,BS*,PE*; G Pemberton BS,C,Ph,H*; N Pole H,GP,H,Ge*; C Powell-Hale EL,ICT,GP*,H*,Mst*; R Proudlove Mst,PfS,TS,E*; H Richardson E,Mu,PE,B*; M Sharman H,FM,C,Ph*; E Sharp AG,G,B,C*; J Shenton E,Ps,So; O Shenton G,H,B,H*; B Sheridan Ps,So,H*,Mst*; K Shridhar BE,G,B,C*; O Smedley Mu,MT,EL*,H*,Mst*; K Smith PE,Ps,So; L Smith E,G,H,L*; C Speak GP,BE*,F*; D Stark H,B,Ph,C*; C Sutherland BE,G,PE,RS*; J Swale H,C,Ph,A*; C Tam H,FM,C,Ph; J Taylor Sp; A Trevelyan BE,ICT,L; D Valentine H,B,C,BE*; H Valentine BE,H,Ph,PfS*; S Walley BE,H,Ph,GP*; L Watts AG,PfS,G*,Mst*; O Williams H,PE,Ps,B*; M Wilson AG,G,B,Ge*; S Wilson H,C,Ph,Ge*; S Winstanley BS,G,L,A*; C Xavier-Jackson H,B,C,Co*;



A – Art; AD – Art & Design; AG – Art Graphics; B – Biology; BS – Business Studies; C – Chemistry; CAM – Creative Arts & Media; Co – Computing; CS – Critical Studies; CT – Critical Thinking; Dra – Drama; E – English Language & Literature; Ec – Economics; EL– English Literature; E Lang – English Language; F – French; FM – Further Maths; G – Geography; Ge – German; GD – Graphic Design; GP – Government & Politics; GS – General Studies; H – History; HSC – Health & Social Care; HT – Holistic Therapy; I – Italian; ICT – Information & Communications Technology; L – Law; M – Maths; MFM – Maths for Further Maths;; MSt – Media Studies; MT – Music Technology; Mu – Music; P – Politics; PD – Product Design; PE – Physical Education; PfA – Performing Arts; Ph – Physics; Ps – Psychology; RE – Religious Education; RS – Religious Studies; So – Sociology; Sp – Sport; SS – Sport Studies; St – Statistics; TS – Theatre Studies.


Please note: * stands for an AS-level rather than a full A-level. 

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