Opportunity, Achievement, Excellence

Enrichment Day – 25th February 2015

Year Group Theme/Focus
Year 7 Sports Day’

Year 7 students will take part in a variety of sessions linked to sport and fitness.

The aims and objectives of the day are:

  • Develop understanding of importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Engage in sporting masterclasses in order to develop skills and technical abilities.

Students will spend the day developing their sporting skills in cricket, hockey and running. Students will also take on a fundraising duathlon involving swimming and running.

Year 7 students will need to bring their P.E kit, swimming kit, towel, waterproof coat (in case of rain).

Year 8 ‘Tenner’ Challenge

Year 8 turn entrepreneurs as they form their own companies and try to make as much out of £10 as they can.

Student will also take part in a problem solving STEM challenge and work with Barclays bank to try and develop their financial awareness to help boost their business skills.

For more details on the Young Enterprise tenner challenge, click on the link below:


Year 9 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

In order to support the upcoming Options process, Year 9 will take part in a range of sessions designed to help them develop their decision making skills.

These include:

  • Decision making in referring delivered by a Premier League referee.
  • Consequences of bad decisions delivered by young offenders and prisoners.
  • Positive decision making Thai Chi session
  • Careers decision making delivered by Year 12 students.
  • Risk awareness and decision making related to alcohol, smoking, e-cigarettes and personal safety.
Year 10 Super Speed Study Skills

For the morning session, Year 10 turn marketing experts and will take on the challenge to rebrand Haribo. Their efforts will then be judged by a number of special guests

Later on in the day, students will then take part in the ‘Positively Mad’ super speed study skills. This interactive workshop aims to:

  • To stimulate a positive attitude to studying and revision
  • To empower students with effective study techniques
  • To raise self-belief and aspirations

For more details about the session, click on the link below.


Year 11 Exam Busters

Year 11 students will take part in a ‘Positively Mad’ revision skills session.   This fast-paced, high-energy, highly interactive workshop is designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence, understand the importance of reflective practices and regular review, and to prepare for exams.

The workshop aims to:

  • To stimulate a positive attitude towards learning & revision.
  • To provide simple but effective techniques to better organize workload and improve exam preparation and performance.

In the afternoon students will consider the importance of healthy bodies and healthy minds as they enter the crucial final stage of Year 11 and will take part in a number of activities designed to improve their overall health and outlook.

For more details on the exam busters session click the link below.


Year 12 Drive Survive Road Safety Day

Year 12 students will take part in a range of activities presented by the police, fire and ambulance designed to develop understanding of road safety as well as the consequences of taking risks when driving.

Year 13 Life Skills

Year 13 will get ready for life after school and develop the all-important life skills needed.

Sessions included:

  • Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Political awareness